Friday, 9 October 2009

Split pea soup? No thanks

I had the pleasure of dining at this place twice - once from LA to Monterey and once on the way back. It's conveniently placed for someone driving the 350 miles between those two places and I'm told it has some history as well as having advertising signs on the side of the highway hundreds of miles away.

I can confirm that at least driving down from Northern California there is the odd sign well over a hundred miles away. What that sign doesn't tell you is that split pea soup is possibly the most disgusting and vomit-inducing liquid the human race has ever concocted. I didn't order it, fortunately, but my travel partner did, so I took a taste. It was like those disgusting mushy peas you can get in northern British fish and chip shops and something I never understood when it came to Lancashire cuisine despite living there for several years - mushy peas are utterly revolting. So is split pea soup.

Next time I visit California, and I will as I fell in love with the place, it won't include a spot of lunch here. There's some Austrian blood in me and one of my favourite meals is schnitzel and looking at the menu they did this as well - except it came with mushroom gravy. That just isn't right. To top it off, the potato salad, which you must have with schnitzel, was the Americanised version with mayonnaise.

Well, at least I can say I've been to a famous restaurant. Twice.


Ray said...

Happy National Split Pea Soup Week, hahaha! (Yeah, it's a real thing!)
I love this stuff. It's one of my favorite winter-time comfort foods.

Tom said...

Ray - you are joking, surely? There's a national split pea soup week? I can't imagine anything more horrifying in my worst nightmares!

Thanks for stopping by!