Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Monterey memories

Perhaps I don't get away from the islands enough but whenever I do it always results in a wonderful trip with very special memories. There's occasional travel due to work of course and my recent trip was mostly that, but for a change there was a little vacation time tagged on the end which I have to admit I really needed. My last vacation away from Hawai`i was in 2005 so it's been a little while!

So here are one or two more pictures from the trip, all of them, in this instance, from Cannery Row in Monterey, CA, where we were lodged. Fortunately it wasn't the tourist season since I'm led to believe this place becomes a little intolerable then, but even so I'm already planning to return soon, perhaps even as early as the middle of next year. The hotel we stayed at was simply stunning and that might not happen next time as it isn't the cheapest place to stay, but sometimes it's good to splurge a little!

It was due to jet lag mostly, but I tended to wake up at around 5am each day although that meant I could go out when no one else was around. Fortunately I brought some tea bags from the UK with me and combined with the paper cups the hotel supplied I could wander outside with my camera and a nice hot cup of tea. Heaven!

This is outdoors dining at the "C" restaurant at The Clement Monterey which wasn't a popular option during the visit but it did get quite cool at night so I'm not surprised. The menu looked wonderful but for various reasons we never dined here despite it being the hotel we stayed at. Maybe next time.

Cannery Row at night complete with invisible car. This was taken from just outside my favourite pub!

Same again but from the other side of the street. I need to check this but I believe it's called Cannery Row because in the first half of the last century this is where all the fisherman brought their sardines back from the bay which were then processed and canned here. The factories have now been converted into tourist shops, cafes and restaurants. Times have changed, haven't they?


Monterey Bay Pacific Coast LifeStyles Network said...

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Monterey Bay Pacific Coast LifeStyles Network said...

ooooooooops sorry I was eating and type it almost twice....soory for not paying attention

Tom said...

No problem, LaVern! I had a wonderful time in Monterey (albeit expensive!), the only bad thing about it was the length of stay, only three short days. I definitely want to go back as soon as I can. It's way up there in my best places to visit list, I really did fall in love with the area.

I'll certainly pop by your blog as soon as I can and thanks for stopping by.