Saturday, 24 October 2009

Puna moon

Vog and clouds made the sky and moon look a little strange this evening. Whenever we have winds from the south they blow the vog from Kilauea volcano over us and often make the colours seen during sunrise and sunset extremely orange-looking. Even well after sunset the sky can take on an eerie brownish/red hue.


Andrew Cooper said...

At least you could see it, completely overcast here in the west side. Just a slight reversal of the norm...

Tom said...

I wanted to get some better shots, these were just for practice/setup but then the damn clouds came in for good!

It's a weird evening here - southerly winds but trade showers as well. Not quite sure what's going on.


Zuzana said...

Tell me, how do you make the moon looking so clear and so detailed? You must have a special camera. All I get is a white blob.;)
Stunning as always Tom.;)

Unknown said...

I too wonder how you can get such a great shot of the moon. Last night, when the moon and venus were together and the sky here in Laupahoehoe was as clear as could be, I really wished I could take a decent picture of it.
Mahalo, Judi

Tom said...

Protege and Judi (thanks for stopping by!).

The only way I've found to take decent moon shots that don't have the moon horribly overexposed is to take them when the sky is still bright or the moon illuminates the clouds so much that the contrast isn't to bad.

The shots I take are usually a result of several photos taken with different exposures and one of them will work!

I really don't think I have a secret, but will think about this a little more. The shots I took of Jupiter and Moon last night were mostly complete rubbish!


PS. Judi - more than anything else I want to take some shots of Laupahoehoe at dawn!

Tom said...

PPS. you need a camera where you can manually set the exposure time. If your camera can't do that then you're probably out of luck as the camera will see the dark sky and overexpose on the moon.