Thursday, 29 October 2009

It's a party!

Sometimes we only get five minutes to walk outside the dome between the initial integrity checks (i.e., making sure everything works) and starting the night-time calibrations needed to ensure all the data we take during the night will be calibrated correctly. Right after the calibrations it's dark enough to take data on the sky so we're busy then and there's no time to take some nice pictures.

In those five minutes last night, during my brief sojourn outside to "check the conditions", an excuse I use all the time, I walked right into an awful lot of enthusiastic tourists. They seemed to be having fun!


Keera Ann Fox said...

They do look like they're partying. The first thing the picture made me think of is the cover on a rock album circa early 70's.

Tom said...

They were definitely having a great time out there! One of them came up to me as I found a space to take a couple of photos and said they had never visited "such an awesome place". They were just looking out at the colours in the sky after the sun had set - and so was I!