Monday, 5 October 2009

Monterey ocean life

There's no way I can take such superb underwater photographs like Andrew over at "A Darker View" or Bobbie and Jerry, authors of "The Right Blue", so I cheated. We stayed at an hotel virtually next door to the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium which, given the short period of time we had in the area, allowed a morning perusing the place. Tickets aren't cheap but it's worth the money and right now they even have a young great white shark. It's rather shy though and I only caught a couple of glimpses of it in its massive tank and certainly not enough for a decent photo, but at least I can say I've now seen a great white!

Here are some of the shots I took that morning. Since I was trying to take in everything at the aquarium in a relatively short time I neglected to note down the names of the species so I won't even try to name them - perhaps someone can do that for me? I'm pretty much OK on distinguishing jellyfish, fish and anemones though before I get some clever comment!

If I wasn't so lazy I suppose I could figure the species out from the website - not so easy on a dialup though.

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jerry said...

Hey thanks for the nice mention! The Monterey Aquarium is a great place and your photos are really nice. Great Job! jerry