Monday, 1 June 2020

This is no longer the country I knew

No picture, no news about UKIRT. I just want to say how horrified I am by recent events in the US. Systematic racism has been here for centuries let alone decades, but we should be a more educated and caring society now. But we aren't. And nothing will change unless we have leadership.

The US once had leadership, it no longer does. We now have peaceful protesters being physically removed from a public area just so the president can have a photo op at St John's Chuch in D.C.  The US now has a president who threatens to use the military against its own citizens. This is not America, it's more akin to a dictatorship in Africa or South America. I hope most citizens of the US can see this but I fear the loud, idiotic and, let's face it, racist minority, are winning with the support of the president.

This is no longer the country I love. Trump said it's the greatest country in the World. No, it isn't, not anymore.