Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sunset at Moonstone Beach

We headed north today from the Santa Barbara area, firstly along highway 101 which was beautiful enough, and then along the gobsmackingly beautiful Pacific Coast Highway from San Luis Obispo to Cambria a few miles further north. We arrived just in time for sunset on Moonstone Beach. I'm glad we did.


Beep said...

It is so wonderful to go to enchantingly beautiful places with someone who has such talent for taking amazing photos...which preserve the memories :)

Protege said...

Ah, this could not be more romantic, post and comment included.;)
Enjoy you travels,

navychappy said...

that is a great photo of the sunset from California...I have some of my first pictures from Kona of the sunset there. I will send you through email.

Enjoy your trip and hope future hotel stays are easier on the toilets.


Tom said...

Cambria/Moonstone Beach is definitely a place I'll be revisiting. It's just the most wonderful village.

Terry - looking forward to those pictures!


Bertie said...

Wow! That beach really looked so heavenly and the majestic views of the sunset and the beach made me wanted to just look at it all day long. And how I really love the beach so much. Every summer, I would always make it a point to go to the beach and have some summer sailing the Whitsunday Islands, bet I tell you that place was really a paradise. It just melts my heart out.