Thursday, 8 April 2010

Farewell Cambria

It's time to head further north along the Pacific Coast Highway. I'm a little sad as I wish I had booked another night or two here, it's simply heaven, but the drive today will be spectacular and we'll be visiting on of my favourite places on the planet, the Monterey Bay area. Anyway, I hope you enjoy a few more sunset shots from Moonstone Beach.

After a bit of a trudge through the sand, it was time to watch the sun set into the Pacific Ocean.

Colourful rocks at sunset.

Final shot and last light from the boardwalk above Moonstone Beach. The trek back along the beach was spent trying not to get too wet - the surf was rough and the tide was coming in.


Keera Ann Fox said...

All of these are gorgeous, but I especially love the top one and how the morning fog/smog softens the background and the colors.

Tom said...

Keera - it wasn't actually fog (and it was still evening). It's just a very long exposure which smooths the surf out and makes it look a bit like fog. It was just a last-chance photo before heading off to a warm bar/restaurant. Then of course we ate outside and Pam was given a blanket to dine in - never seen that before but it was fun!