Monday, 26 April 2010

The lone cypress tree

Apparently this is often used as the symbol of California, or at the very least it is used as the symbol of Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. There are millions of pictures of it on the web but few in black and white so thought I'd be different!

I'm sure I'll be posting a colour version of it in the next few days along with other pictures from the beautiful 17-Mile Drive near Monterey.

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JestrBob said...

Nice Capture Tom. This is usually a hard catch in B&W. with too early for a morning shot (it is shadows or fog) and what most people end up doing is waiting until sunset and going for a silhouette.

Weston was famous for the B&W shot of this tree which was used a the for years as the California Coast symbol.

Just a mile or so down the raod is another great chance at a good picture. The Ghost Trees.