Sunday, 13 December 2009

Two old women

A couple of people have asked me for an update on Bubbles and Eddie, my two cats. They're both doing really well and despite advancing age are quite healthy. I asked the vet recently if it was normal for my two girls to become increasingly annoying as they got older and his answer was "well, they do tend to become more needy".

When I'm at home they just won't leave me alone (or each other but that often ends in a fight). No matter where I am they have to be near me. It's very cute but they have both become a little more vocal in the last year. In the past, when they wanted to sit next to me they'd do it quietly. Now they make the most ridiculous noises until they have my attention and it gets a touch exasperating after a while!

They are still very beautiful and incredibly affectionate, and both know when I've had enough of them for an hour or two! Eddie (on the right) is 13 years old and is still extremely athletic whilst Bubbles (12 years old) just likes to sleep, preferably next to Eddie, who she still thinks is her mum.

I haven't the heart to tell her otherwise.


Beep said...

Too cute!!! What sweet companions...

Zuzana said...

They are very cute. Be happy they want to be with you and enjoy every single moment of their affection.;))

Big Island Papa said...

Enjoy them as much as possible while you have them. I just recently had to put down my yellow-lab/golden retriever buddy of 13 years...It is incredible how close you actually become to your never know until you loose a good one.

Your kitties look very cute and affectionate, and I could just sit down and take a nap with them curled up purring the whole time.



Tom said...

Beep, Zuzana, Terry,

The girls mean the world to me - I know I moan about them but they're special. Eddie's been here almost since the day I arrived and Bubbles not much longer after that (she came with Saffy who is sadly no longer around). I've lost loved pets in the past (dogs and cats) and it was so difficult I could hardly stand it.

Terry - so sorry about the loss of your lab. I know how hard that is and being a retriever must make it even harder - I know how loyal they are.