Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Is this just a bad dream?

In a 24-hour period I learn about the proposed closure of UKIRT and the potential loss of my job and then my closest and dearest friend, who I love dearly and wish she was here right now, has been diagnosed with cancer. As you can imagine my emotions are a touch messed up right now and think it's likely I'll be taking a break from blogging for a bit while I sort myself out.

Thank you all for reading and commenting and your thoughts mean so much to me. Hopefully I'll be back here very soon and if it isn't before Christmas then I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Keera Ann Fox said...

It doesn't rain, it pours. So sorry to hear about both your friend's cancer and the job loss threat. They really do know how to time these things, don't they. Give you notice on a Friday. Say we're closing just before Christmas. Idiots.

Still, no use worrying about shit until it actually happens. So you have a merry Christmas and a worry-free new year!

Hugs from Keera

Aaron Stene said...

I guess when it rains, it pours. I sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis. However, UKIRT is not closing immediately, you still are healthy and have roof your head
and live in one of beautiful places in the world).

Big Island Papa said...

I will be praying for your friend, that she be cured of the cancer...I hope that she be well soon. You can replace a job, but not a dear friend.

I also will be praying that your bosses decide to keep UKIRT open for a long time coming.

Aloha & Mahalo


Zuzana said...

Ah, very sorry to hear this Tom, this is not news that you want to get a week before Christmas.
I am very sorry for you and your friend and I am not sure I can say anything that will make any of this easier.
All I can add is have lovely Holidays, if at all possible.

Hilary said...

I'm sorry for your worries, Tom. I'll keep you and your friend in my best thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I came to your blog via Zuzana in Denmark. Sorry to hear your sorrow. My thoughts go out to you.
You do have a most beautiful pictorial blog... thanks for sharing. Best to you! The Bach

John Powell said...

Take care, Tom. Thanks for your blogging, supportive comments, and good humor.

Tom said...


Thanks for your comments and thoughts, they are appreciated more than you might imagine. I know they are also being read by my friend and that means even more.

Thank you again.


Anonymous said...

You take as long as you need. This can't be an easy time for you. I think I can speak for everyone back here in the UK when I say we all wish you well.

Hope things look up soon. Take care of yourself...

alice said...

Keeping you in my thoughts, Tom.

If it's any comfort, a good friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage Four, metastasized breast cancer several years ago. She underwent treatment, including chemo (and lost her hair) that autumn. For many years now, we've had a semi-regular lunch date and I'm happy to report that it continues to this day AND that she's been in full remission for two years now.

It wasn't too long ago that she would have been gone in 6 months after her diagnosis. But the treatments now are cutting edge, and she never even lost either her appetite or any weight during her treatment.

There has been quite a bit of progress in the treatment of cancer in the past 5 or 10 years, and I hope your friend benefits from it all as much as my friend did.

Keep us posted. I hope the holiday season brings you some news.

Ken said...

Tom, I came here after reading your comment on Peter Coles's bog. I think you make a very good point that this could be disastrous for mid-career people who may well be about to lose their jobs, especially since many will have played crucial roles in making the UK a leader in Astronomy. I'm also really sorry to read that it's not only the STFC that has made this a difficult week for you.


Tom said...

invaderxan - thank you and I know you work with a bunch of people I know, so that means a lot to me. Thank you again.

Alice - it's definitely a comfort so thanks. I lost my sister to cancer some years ago (non-hodgkin's lymphoma) but know people are surviving previously deadly cancers these days and know it'll be the case this time!

Ken - thanks for popping by. I've seen so few comments after the STFC announcement about mid-career people so thought I should say something, at the very least it might start people thinking about the problem. I also really appreciate your thoughts about this difficult week. Thank you, it means a lot to me.


Devany said...

Many miracles and medical cures abound for most types of cancer and I hope your friend has one of those. I will keep your friend in my thoughts. I lost a dear friend to liver cancer last July, she fainted one day, then they did some tests, hospitalized her for more tests, discovered inoperable liver cancer and she died three days later. It was a horrible shock and loss that I would not wish on anyone. For her at least she did not suffer but I still miss her every day and when pictures of her pop up on my screen saver it still makes me smile to remember what a dear friend she was. Her art is also in my home and that comforts me daily.

Anna said...

I'm behind a bit this past month or so. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way, Tom. It seems a lot of us are collateral damage of the economic spin taking place. I'll hold light that this doesn't manifest into a reality for you.
As for your friend, Pam, I'll send her some healing vibes and positive intentions.
Bright blessings to you both for a very positive 2010.