Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Someone reads my blog!

There was a flurry of comments in a post of mine and wondered if I'd said something controversial or perhaps mentioned Tiger Woods by accident. Turns out it was thanks to a post by Hilary over at "The Smitten Image" who is under the impression that I wrote something interesting. In a sudden fit of altitude-induced scientific curiosity, I checked google analytics to see where these comments had come from.

I don't do that very often because this blog is essentially my diary, it just happens to be online and people are welcome to read it. On the other hand, I learned something very interesting tonight.

Apparently there is only one person who reads this blog and therefore, according to google and the internet (from which everything that is true emerges) they live well north of the Arctic circle a few hundred miles offshore of Greenland's east coast. I'm impressed by the number of personalities this person has used when commenting on my blog!

So, to my reader out there in a trawler or lightship, perhaps the captain of a stranded Russian nuclear submarine or maybe a polar explorer stuck in the ice with their ship crushed by mother nature and with his friends frozen to death or eaten by polar bears, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Do you need me to send a rescue team?

It's from the internet, it must be true.


Hilary said...

Ha! Too funny. We.. I mean I use StatCounter. It's not always entirely accurate either but more so than what you've just described. Thanks for the shout out, Dave. We.. I appreciate it. :)

Devany said...

Aw Tom, you know I read your blog! I use site meter, a free and easy program. Go to the bottom of my blog and click on it and you can see all of the stats, maps etc. You an even see what kind of a monitor the viewers are using!

Tom said...

Hilary and Devany - I appreciate the advice! To be honest I really don't care too much about looking at hits or where readers are although every so often it's interesting to have a look. I've learned that if I put "alien" or "ufo" in the title of a blog post it generates more interest than I care to worry about!


Hilary said...

I said "Dave," didn't I? Ooops! Sorry, Tom. It gets confusing playing multiple personalities. ;)

Tom said...

No problem, Hilary - although I thought that perhaps I'd completely missed some joke about 2001!