Monday, 14 December 2009

Sleepless night

Unlike other more forward-looking governments who understand the benefits of pure science and how it aids society, e.g., attracting people into science to start with and the unforeseeable inventions that is has produced over the centuries, the UK government is cutting back its funding. I could go into a long rant about the UK government such as its support of the banks that had put us all into this dreadful financial mess, how it spies on its citizens, how it supports people with no intention of earning a living yet penalizes those that do, how it screws up student funding so that many have given up their university courses because their loans still haven't arrived and how it wants to become big brother.

Tomorrow some of us will find out what cuts the STFC will make, and most of know there will be little good news, if any. I just hope I'm around a little longer and can take a few more photos of Mauna Kea sunsets while the government destroys British science.

Yes, I'm depressed. I'm not the only one, as the e-astronomer and telescoper might confirm.


Aaron Stene said...


I hope these budget cuts don't affect you personally. I'll be thinking positive thoughts tomorrow that things will all work out.

Zuzana said...

Aw, sorry Tom. Being in science lets say I can completely relate what you are going through.
I am hoping you will not be effected.

alice said...

One of the few things that annoy me more than the humans themselves are the institutions they create. The churches, the governments, the businesses... they're all so corrupt, misguided and wasteful. 2009 has been a frustrating -- largely because I thought there would be improvement this year, but the promise of change ended up being rather empty.

I hope you get some good news and/or that you land on your feet in interesting surroundings. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Please keep us posted!