Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Chasing the green flash

Over thirteen years of working on Mauna Kea, eighteen since I first visited and over a thousand nights spent on the summit and I have yet to see the green flash from the mountain. Even more frustratingly, I know it's occurred while I've been outside watching the sunset because someone on their first trip to Mauna Kea, just a week and a half ago, caught it photographically and decided to rub salt into my wounds by publishing it on Facebook! I was there that night and gave the guy a lift back down. Grrr. I should have stolen his camera and left him at the summit!

Only joking, Eric!


Beep said...

Cool; I hang out on FaceBook and I always wanted to see I have ;) Thank you!

Ok, back to a FB game, "Mafia Wars."

Pamela Beep (on FB)

Tom said...

Beep - just to be clear, I have actually seen one before but it was in Australia and hundreds of miles inshore! I really didn't expect to see it but it was very cool nevertheless! 18 years of observing on Mauna Kea though and I've yet to see one from here. One day, I'm sure...