Monday, 13 April 2009

Photo book

While on vacation in February/March I bought a couple of photography magazines because I wanted to see if they were worth subscribing to. One of them, a UK publication, was really good but I won't be buying it - I'm on the other side of the planet from the UK, the US-UK exchange rate isn't so good right now and what offers they did have were only open to those in the UK.

That's fine, I subscribed to a couple of other US ones, but the UK magazine had an article about publishing photo books and it caught my eye - so much so that I've now created a book with my favourite photos from this blog. I used Blurb which has some software you can download in order to create your own book.

It was fun although the book is private and will only be sent to my mother in the UK (and a copy for family in Austria) and the Treat Lady. I've ordered a couple of copies for preview and if they look good I might just consider letting others have a peek. It'll be nice to see my photos in print, even if I'll be the only one to see them!

Anyway, we'll see. When the book/s arrive I'll let you know if the service is worth it.


Keera Ann Fox said...

Well, if the book is illustrated with photos as stunning as the one illustrating this blog post, it will definitely be worth sharing!

Zuzana said...

Congratulations on your book; even if it is a private one. I am sure everyone that will be the lucky receivers, will love it! Maybe this is a first one of many to come.;) One day when you become a famous photographer, we can claim to have known you way before when.;))

Anonymous said...

I've used blurb for a few books and I think they're pretty good. Would love to see what yours looks like as you're building up a nice collection of images.

Tom said...

Keera - that photo is the front cover!

Protege - no chance of me becoming a famous photographer, but one day I hope to be a decent amateur!

Ant - just got an email saying the book's been shipped so should be here sometime next week. More than happy to let you have a look, and criticism would be appreciated! Can't learn and improve without critics.