Saturday, 18 April 2009


It turns out I screwed up. I claimed in my last couple of posts that the images there were HDR photos. That's only half true. They are HDR images but there was another step in the processing I missed out. Something called tone mapping. Sorry. I really am learning about these things as I post stuff, so don't be surprised if I've missed something else out as well.

I still like the sky in the half-done photo of Submillimeter Valley, but yesterday's evening sky really should have looked like this:

I'm going back over several pictures that I think I can improve quite dramatically now that I've got a better idea about what I'm doing. I'm glad I'm friends with this guy because things started to click in my brain today after we had a long chat about photography. Incidentally, "Kauai Land, Kauai Water" contains some stunning photos. It was also fun to listen to the stories behind some of the pictures!


Keera Ann Fox said...

Those clouds remind me of whales. Sky whales!

BreeWee said...

Your fotos are amazing! I LOVE them! Thanks for the views from the top!

Tom said...

Keera - now that you mention it, I see what you mean!

BreeWee - thanks for stopping by and the compliment! There are much better photographers than I blogging on the Big Island, but it's always nice to get a compliment or two!