Sunday, 5 April 2009

Moonset and Hawaiian Starlight

I don't think these are particularly good photos, but then again I suspect few people get the chance to take pictures like these - the moon setting above the clouds! I loved the reflection of the moonlight on the tops of the clouds and tried to capture the moment, although I have to remember to stop using higher ISO settings on my camera - they just add too much noise.

The day after I took these photos and headed back to sea level and oxygen I found the Hawaiian Starlight DVD in my mail. I ordered it after reading the article by Andrew Cooper called "Hawaiian Starlight DVD Available".

It's very special. Amazing movies from the summit of Mauna Kea coupled with pictures of deep sky objects and great music. You'll get to see where Andrew, Ant and I take some of our pictures and that we're not faking things - the colours at sunrise and sunset on Mauna Kea really are incredible.

Apparently the DVD is not available in Europe right now but will be next month. For my European readers, please buy it when you can, you won't be disappointed. For those in the USA, it's available from the CFHT Hawaiian Starlight site and worth at least double the $15 it costs.

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