Saturday, 4 April 2009


Some people love them
They know all the names,
Some people hate them
They're all of their banes,
Some see more sunshine
And some see more rain,
Some think they're pretty
And won't be too witty.

Please feel free to nominate your favourite cloud picture in your comments. I'd like to put one of the pictures on the front of a photo album for a very special person. The album won't include my poetry so you don't have to worry about that!

The first six images were taken from Mauna Kea's summit. The last two were taken from home this evening.

Edit: That 3rd picture isn't from the summit. Sorry for the misinformation. It's from the Saddle Road looking up at the summit.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I vote for the topmost one (and I don't mind your poetry). I like it because of the drama of the colors and the dude on the right trying to be scary.

Word verification: Wings. That would be pictures 3 and 4.

Zuzana said...

Ah Tom, IMPOSSIBLE to choose one picture out of all these; they are ALL stunning.
But to help you out in your dilemma (as it is for a special person after all;), I would nominate number 4. There is something almost ethereal about that shot. Fire and Ice comes to mind;))
And for what is worth, there is nothing wrong with the poetry.

Anonymous said...

I like number 5, but they are all good.

Beep said...

Oh gosh these are all totally spectacular and have made my day!!! I personally am partial to number 5 but I think that is because some of my favorite colors are in it, and also I could imagine having a nice long nap on that cloud bed (not a lot of extra energy over here lol.) But I think the first one and the third one should be sent to photo contests. Your special person should be happy with any of them IMHO. AND the poem! I confess I've been trying to copy more of your photos onto my desktop. You may sue me for copyright violation if you see them in my lj icons or something ;)

Beep said...

PS how weird; I did not see the very first one until now. It's gorgeous also! For some reason my browser first showed me the poem and then the pics below it. Je ne sais pas pourquoi.

parv said...

I liked the 4th one due to rich, wram colors near the top, middle but (almost) monochrome, cold in foreground (and bottom) -- quite a stark contrast.

If a telescope has any significance to the special person, then go with the 3d one.

Tom said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone, they're very much appreciated. I like no. 1 like Keera, but the voting seems to be for nos. 4 & 5. So, I think I'll put one on the front cover and one on the back!

Incidentally, the special person is a good friend's little kid who loves painting clouds, so I promised a book of cloud photos for their birthday!