Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Where in the world am I?

It begins with "T".

A desert sunset.

Local flora.

A room with a view.

Local business.

Law enforcement.


Friendly locals.

The rental car.

Think you know? Bonus points are available to anyone who identifies the specific locations (the license plate doesn't count!).


RONW said...


alice said...

Photo #3 (room with a view) looks like Tucson...

Andrew Cooper said...

First photo... Gates Pass at Sunset. Second... A Saguaro Third... The Marriot at University and Euclid on the West end of the UofA campus. Last Set... Old Tucson Studios.

Tucson Native and UofA Grad.

gigi-hawaii said...

Beats me, as I have never seen a desert in person. Never been to Texas or Arizona, for that matter. LOL. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Tom said...

Ron - good try!

Alice and Andrew got it although Andrew cheated since he's a Tucson native!

Incidentally, the set wasn't the studio in Tucson but a pub in Tombstone. Obviously there's no way of telling that from the photos but Tombstone also begins with T so felt comfortable with that...

Gigi - It's not a vacation unfortunately but have had a couple of days to go exploring which is kind of nice!


alice said...

I've only visited once, but that skyline/landscape is unmistakable. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Phoenix and I was going to say Tuscon, but then that Texas license plate threw me off. I remember seeing "clean fill dirt" now and then :)

Tom said...

Alice - I love Tucson, not as much as California, but it's a wonderful place to visit and the surrounding desert is amazing.

Anon - I put the Texas number plate in there to throw people off! But the rental had those plates even though it was rented in Tucson, so threw me off as well!