Monday, 8 November 2010

Strive for the heights

"Strive for the Heights" was our logo a few years ago. Normally I hate company logos but I think this was a good one. It was in Hawaiian as well but don't have access to the Hawaiian version right now so won't insult anyone by trying my poor Hawaiian language skills.

This picture was taken about four minutes before sunset. I'm afraid the folks at the bottom of the trail won't make it in time but it's always amusing to watch the orange-clad brigade attempt the summit. The exposure time was one-second so none of the hikers are in sharp focus, but for those that want to click on the picture for a larger view you'll see that those nearing the summit are struggling.

That's what 40% less available oxygen does to your body! It's a short hike to the summit but a bloody hard one. I did it once and haven't been back.


Anonymous said...

What is the name of this summit? Is it Mauna Kea? Wondering why one cannot simply drive up there. And why is everyone dressed in orange?

boo said...

Was the logo "Kulia I ka Nu'u" (Strive for the highest)? That was also the personal motto of Queen Kapi'olani, I believe.

When I was last up there, the trail didn't seem to have the rock edging (I remember it as more of a discoloration along the slope than a marked trail) and certainly wasn't that busy - I presume it's part of a tour now?

I never had any desire to conquer the summit, but I sometimes think I might like to try the hike to Lake Waiau someday.

Andy A said...

Funny that one has photographic memory of some things but can't recall what one did five minutes ago, but I remember something very close to "Kulia I ka Nu`u" at the bottom of the nice sliver and grey logo (think it involved thistles and palm trees or pineapples) that UKIRT used to have. And I think the English translation (as written) was "Strive for the Heights".

Some things stick with you.


Tom said...

Gigi - it's the true summit of Mauna Kea (the highest point on the mountain). There's no development there hence no road. And the orange clothing is high-visibility coats the tour companies lend to tourists in case they wander off somewhere and need finding! (It's happened).

Boo - I think you're right about the Hawaiian phrase but didn't realise it was also Kapi'olani's motto - thanks for that!

The rocks on the side of the trail are very new, they've been put there in the last few months (they definitely weren't there at the end of June, I've a picture to prove it!). In fact many people used to join the trail from just east of the UH 88-inch but that spot is dangerous when it's icy and there's now a sign saying don't hike to the summit from here. The trail now starts from near the new UH training telescope (formerly the UH 24-inch) - about 50 yards or so below UKIRT.

The hike to Lake Waiau is definitely worth doing. I think the round trip is about a mile which isn't far but altitude makes it longer. It's a fairly flat hike though so not too difficult. I haven't done it for years and my dodgy knees probably mean I won't do it again for a while...

Andy - Is there something about the job that impairs memory? I found an old JAC logo decal in my office today and then forgot to bring it home 5 minutes later - it has the translation on it and told myself not to forget it - which I then promptly forgot. Anyway, I think you and Boo have it right, I'll confirm tomorrow (if I remember).

I have vague memories of the old UKIRT logo but this was before my time (i.e., before JCMT). I hope it didn't really have a pineapple in it though!


Andy A said...

could be wrong about the pineapple. possibly a different logo altogeter. But I'd swear that there were thistles involved.

And yes, there's something about the job and memory. can't recall what it is though.


Tom said...

What was the question again?

Annelisa said...

Wow, I'd love to be one of those guys at the top!

Tom said...

Annelisa - it's certainly a wonderful view from there but a little cold and exposed - and somewhat short of oxygen!

Thanks for popping by!