Monday, 22 November 2010

Where in the world am I? Part IV

I've not had a chance to take pictures and probably won't be able to before I'm traveling again. So I've picked something that I think people will recognise - the best detective show the UK has ever produced:

People in the UK should hold off on commenting because it has to be so obvious to you guys! So, where am I?

This is also an extra-special place to me. I spent this evening walking around my old haunts and can't describe my emotions. I don't want to explain or describe them here but I think I will do one day - I just want to avoid bursting into tears while writing this post! That's how special this place is to me.

Anyway, the next leg of the trip happens tomorrow. I probably won't be walking around the next city because I stand a good chance of being shot in a drive-by shooting, so I'll just take shelter in a wonderful friend's house and poke my nose into the physics/chemistry/astronomy depts every so often!

It's been a fun trip so far...


RONW said...

".... I spent this evening walking around my old haunts and can't describe my emotions."


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of my return to Hawaii after 7 years abroad.

Tom said...

RONW and Gigi - this is a special place for me, not because I ever lived here (well, I did for a few months), but for a very sad life-changing event that occurred here.

It's been 17 years since I was last here and it brought back both wonderful and the most saddest memories. The hotel I've just stayed in was literally a few hundred yards away from this special place, and as I said in the original post, I'll explain it one day. I just can't bring myself to do it right now.

I'm also in another old haunt right now!

Still, no one has said where I am/was. I'm surprised!


Chuck said...

Oxford, of course!

Anonymous said...

I waited until someone else got it....being in South East England as I am! I loved Morse also, and it's sad that John Thaw has died as well as his character. They have a channel here that seems to run Morse almost every day, so we can top up if needed. However, I still find it difficult to figure out what's going on!

Tom said...

Yep, Oxford! Good job, Chuck, I take it you're a Morse fan?!

Lynne - thanks for popping by and I'm now a new fan of your blog! I love your pictures, especially catching the big freeze as I left just as it was getting nasty. Nottingham saw a few inches of snow on Saturday when I left for the sunny south!

As for John Thaw, I couldn't believe it when I heard he passed away (news travels slowly out here). I used to have the entire Morse collection on video but the Hilo climate destroyed all the tapes, but will one day get the collection back together on DVD.

As I mentioned, Oxford is a very special place for me. I'll explain in a blog post one day.