Thursday, 18 November 2010

Where in the world am I? Part II

This is probably really easy and is another view from a room. Personally, I wouldn't have got it because it's the first time I've stayed a night here.

PS. The bar in the hotel sucks. No draft beer because their compressor broke. Secondly, it's full of people wearing suits. Thirdly, the suits and even those not in formal wear seem to prefer a conversation with their iPhone than talk to a human being over a beer (admittedly, not draft beer and most of them are drinking silly cocktails anyway and making sure the barman gets them absolutely correct to the nearest milliliter. Jeez, there are other things to worry about).


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I'd like a silly cocktail. Then again, you're on my home turf. Not fair for me to guess where you are, then. Nice pic tho.

gigi-hawaii said...

Vegas, baby???

LG said...

No idea but interested to find out!!

Tom said...

Gigi - wrong way, I'm heading east! (good guess though, Vegas is where everyone in Hawaii spends their vacations!).

Anon - it may be your home turf and you might like cocktails (I like Mai Tais!). No draft beer - that's an emergency!

LG - it's Boston from the Hilton Airport Hotel. Really nice place if you exclude the lack of draft beer in a supposedly Irish bar.