Sunday, 21 February 2010

A voice from heaven

Corinne Bailey Rae singing "I'd do it all again" from the album "The Sea".

She is going to be a star and I can't stop listening to the album.


Zuzana said...

She has a lovely voice. She is already a star, I believe she had a hit a few years ago with "Put Your Records On". It was a beautiful compilation.;)

Tom said...

You have to remember that I'm out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and news comes to us slowly! ;)

There was a five minute feature about Rae on public radio a few weeks ago and I became hooked after that. The video is really touching because her husband passed away in 2008 yet you see her smile during the video when she's clearly thinking of him (the song is about them).

I couldn't do that and I've experienced some really bad things in my life. That's why she's a star!


Keera Ann Fox said...

It's not my kind of music, but I had to listen twice, so, yes, she definitely has both voice and soul.

Tom said...

Keera - not really my kind of music either. Her first album was like listening to Sade and although her voice was beautiful it wasn't the kind of music I'd listen to. Some of the tracks on "The Sea" are stunning though - I think maybe it's because she went through a traumatic and terrible time and this is her way of getting over it - I guess it makes the music a little more real. Listening to "Love's on its way" on The Sea literally brings a tear to my eye because it's so emotional - it's a little dark yet hopeful at the same time - and a stunning voice!