Saturday, 27 February 2010

Evacuate or stay off the roads?

You have to love the local TV news. With an approaching tsunami the KGMB news presenters have told us that we need to evacuate and get last minute supplies including gasoline (enough to last 7 days, which differs from the expert they interviewed just 30 minutues ago by about 6 days) while also telling us to stay off the roads.

It seems I've a bit of hiking to do and need to lessen the weight. What do I drop? My hiking gear or the gas can? Or the seven days food I'm supposed to carry?

I heard the civil defense siren. It was much louder than the tests although maybe that's because it's 6am and very quiet - the coqui frogs gave up hours ago. I have to admit it was an unpleasant sound and definitely one that'd attract your attention.

The tsunami is now a little less than 5 hours away. The neighbours are packing and are prepared to leave shortly - as am I.


Keera Ann Fox said...

Nice to know that everything is well-organized, and communication is clear and easy to understand. You should be fine as long as you don't run back into the house at the very last minute to get something sentimental that you forgot because, according to Hollywood, that is when the fellow with the hockey mask will leap out and attack you.

Which reminds me: Did you remember to pack your own hockey mask? And chain saw?

Tom said...

No, but made sure I had the camera! Didn't use it in the end though...