Monday, 8 February 2010

Super Bowl sunset

I managed to watch the first quarter of the Super Bowl before leaving for the summit and with the Colts up 10-0 thought I was going to miss a bit of a blow-out, so wasn't too concerned. By the time I was at the summit the news was the Saints had won in a very entertaining game! Oh well, we all have to make sacrifices although I did manage to see the Bud Light astronomer advert which reminded me I have to buy a white lab coat one day and wear it at the summit!

Lots of tourists also missed the Super Bowl but by choice; they were at the summit on Sunday evening watching yet another magnificent Mauna Kea sunset. The picture is a blend of two photos, one with a short exposure to catch the bright sky and a slightly longer one to capture a group of tourists below me watching the sun sink behind the clouds thousands of feet below us. (Click on the picture for a larger view).

Unfortunately we're not allowed alcohol at the summit, so no Bud Light party for us when it got dark. Oh hell, what am I saying? Bud Light? I'd rather drink urine.


Zuzana said...

I remember Super Bowl, particularly the adds.;)
But I agree that watching the sunset is much better.;)

Tom said...

I actually wouldn't have minded watching the super bowl, I've grown rather fond of American football although rugby is still a better game I think - I'm sure your Irish friend would agree!

The super bowl only happens once a year while sunsets happen every day!