Thursday, 18 February 2010

Open for business again

The winds relented last night and today which allowed the engineers and technicians to fix and test our dome shutter which is now working again, as the picture above shows! (Complete with moon).

Unfortunately the winds have returned this evening and with a very cold airmass over the mountain standing outside at sunset was almost unbearable unless you could find some shelter from the wind. Since the wind was almost directly from the west that meant anyone wanting to watch the sunset would have to bear the full force of the wind - I think I stuck my head at from the sheltered side of the dome once or twice to take the snapshot below since the clouds and vog around Hualalai looked interesting, but then it was back into the warmth of the control room for a nice cup of tea.


Kirigalpoththa said...

What a view!

Big Island Papa said...

This is a really good shot! Either you have the best luck at clicking a shot from cover, or you are a really, really good photographer!!!!

We are now 36 days away from our move to Kona, really looking forward to the warmer weather. My wife just bought me a really good digital camera for me on valentines day! Can't wait to start taking pictures of our island!

Hopefully I will be talking to you soon, we have to get together for tea and share photos.



Tom said...

Kiri - thanks again, it's an amazing place!

Terry - it was from cover! The wind was strong that evening and it was very cold. UKIRT's driveway was about the only sheltered spot but the view from there is limited so had to think of something I could take a picture of. Then I saw the moon overhead so gave it a try!

I hope we can meet up soon and will of course get you up the mountain on a tour one day!


Big Island Papa said...

I look forward to meeting you, and checking out the top of the world.

Take care,