Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The UK recession is worse than I feared

I've just heard a rumour that Top Gear is being dropped by the BBC. Surely this isn't true? I'm not a vintage or sports car person but it was one of the most entertaining programmes the BBC ever ever made with no holds barred opinions.

This is the end of civilisation if true. The next thing I'm going to learn is that the BBC no longer broadcast the England cricket team playing test matches at home. That won't happen in a million years though, the whole country would be in uproar.

Yes, I know, it's one day cricket but I couldn't find a better version of Soul Limbo. You know the more frightening thing? I can probably name all the cricketers in that video - batsmen, bowlers and fielders!


Zuzana said...

All right, I AGREE!!!! Top Gear is one of my favourite shows and I am as distressed as you are.
(Am not much into cricket, sorry.)
Now they only need to ax Dr. Who and I am quitting TV.;)

WesIsland said...

You're kidding about cricket, right? Do some really watch the entire day?

Tom said...

Zuzana - I haven't seen the recent Dr Who stuff so can't comment, but the episodes in the early 70s scared the living daylights out of me as a seven or eight year old so I hold a grudge!

Wes - now I have a challenge! Cricket is the best game the human race ever invented. It has everything including team sport, individual challenges, chess-like strategy, athleticism, civility and violence and yet captivates the old English spirit like nothing else - breaks for lunch and tea. And yes, it goes on for a full day and even five days for the best games! I've converted one US citizen to become a cricket lover and I can do it again!

I love most sport (except basketball) and I can tell you cricket is the king of all sports!