Friday, 8 May 2009

A log, a photo opportunity

OK, so I stole the title from Ant who posted these gorgeous pictures of a log washed up in Hilo Bay. I can't compete with that, but I do have a picture of a log. It's up at 14,000-feet on the summit of Mauna Kea, and I'm wondering what on earth it's doing up there. Anyone know? It's next to the lunch hut where those unfortunate observatory day crews who haven't brought up their own food find themselves at midday. Fried fish and rice, cooked thousands of feet below the summit and brought up by a brave HP cook. Yum! Then again, the the orange chicken they cooked for us the other day was actually very good.

Generally the views from the summit area are fantastic but this is a spot I wouldn't recommend visiting. Hopefully it'll be cleaned up in the near-future.

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Zuzana said...

Hm, maybe it was dropped from a space ship by some aliens.;)) It is indeed a strange place for a log and who went trough all the trouble of hauling it all he way up there too, I wonder.;)