Sunday, 24 May 2009

Shadow tourists

A typical scene at the summit of Mauna Kea during a summer sunset: the shadow of the mountain to the left, tourists atop the summit and the shadows of the tourists watching the sunset just below UKIRT projected onto the summit's west-facing slope.

I wonder how many of the visitors above actually turned around and saw their own shadow?


Zuzana said...

Beautiful; the top picture reminds me of one of the Egyptian pyramids; as far as I recall it used to have a golden top in ancient times.;))

Andrew Cooper said...

That top shot is just classic, capturing the crowd watching sunset perfectly!

Tom said...

Protege - I know a little about the pyramids but wasn't aware of the golden top thing - I'll have to do a little research!

Andrew - thank you! It's odd but I've never really noticed these tourist shadows before yet I've been here for well over a decade - maybe it's because I've become interested in photography recently that I've started to notice these things!

PS. You're definitely correct about the plumes coming from Pu`u O`o and the ocean entry. Got a good view from HP the other morning (no pictures unfortunately). Strange how my perspective can get so screwed up between the summit and HP. I'll post a correction as soon as I get some decent photos!