Thursday, 21 May 2009

The weather just sucks

It doesn't seem to matter if it's day or night, whenever I have to drive somewhere the headlights are on. The vog is terrible and instead of sunny Hawaiian skies we're exposed to dark grey and gloomy clouds. These days the sun sets at around 7pm but from 3pm onwards the sky is so dark you'd think the sun took a shortcut. It's one of the consequences of living on an island of active volcanoes.

A few posts ago I predicted that we'd seen the last of heavy snowfalls at the summit of Mauna Kea this season and I'll stand behind that prediction. What I didn't predict is that the weather would remain so bad that it's been almost impossible to obtain really good data. We've had a few nights when we've managed to do that, but on the whole this has not been the Spring months that I remember.

I'm back at the summit supporting some VIPs this holiday weekend. Given the latest summit forecast my stay at the summit might be longer than planned. We won't be getting heavy snowfall but high winds and icing are a real possibility. The forecast calls for conditions getting better midweek but then going to pot again late next week - just when I'm back up again!

Maybe I need to take some leave just to see if everyone might get some nice weather again! It'll also give me a chance to find out where I've put the battery charger for my camera. I know I left it somewhere sensible - perhaps out in the lanai somewhere where I knew I'd never miss it.


Zuzana said...

Sorry that the weather sucks, but sure makes for some gorgeous photos.;))
Have a good weekend Tom.;))

Keera Ann Fox said...

What Protege said. I like how the play of colors and shapes in the snow in the foreground makes it look all foamy.