Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Don't open the trap door

I don't think many of my American readers were ever given the opportunity to see "The Trap Door" and perhaps it's the sort of kid's show that would never be given air time in the US, but it was great! Admittedly I wasn't really a kid when it first aired in 1984 but I loved it the first time I saw it. Although I've had a bit of a go about the UK in a few posts, one thing the country has always been good at is creating good TV, although even that is disappearing down the plughole these days.

The first episode was called "Breakfast Time". It introduced us to the stars of the show: Berk (a blue monster), Boni (an undead skull) and Drutt (no idea, a "thing"). Berk was the servant of a huge monster that lived upstairs that we never got to see although during the series we learned that he liked the occasional slime bath, enjoyed grotesque food and had giant eyes that were occasionally removed for cleaning.

Berk and his friends lived in an old castle's cellar which had a trap door. If opened it led to a dark and wacky netherworld infested with spooky monsters and the occasional ghoul. Of course the door was opened in each episode, either by Berk or the monsters below.

Only two series were ever made (40 very short episodes I believe) but it seems a DVD is available via Amazon UK, so guess what I'll be buying shortly?

I'm back on the mountain for a couple of nights. The forecast is good so for a change might actually observe for full nights. If the clouds come in though I might be watching some more episodes on YouTube!

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