Monday, 25 May 2009

The Daily Flow

No pictures today, no news or anything really, but during my lazy day observing Memorial Day and getting my circadian rhythm back to where it ought to be (it won't last long, believe me), I spent a little time reading "The Daily Flow" authored by Anna.

In my opinion, Anna lives in the most beautiful and special place on this island and possibly the whole planet. The coastline around Kalapana is stunning; I've blogged about it in the past, more than once, but "The enchanted forest" probably covers most of what I'd want to say now. It's where I go when I'm feeling particularly stressed or low because I know I'll leave feeling an awful lot better!

It's nice to see that someone else thinks that this special place is, well, special. And beautiful. My only complaint is that I can't leave comments on Anna's blog because I need a Wordpress account in order to do so. I hope that gets changed soon!


Anonymous said...

Can you leave comments on my account? I use wordpress as well.

Seems strange but I wonder if it has to do w/ the dial-up thing?

Tom said...

I think it must be the setting used on Anna's blog. I can leave comments on your blog but the daily view requires me to log into wordpress before I can leave a comment.

That might be her choice so don't feel the need to follow this up any further, but mentioned it in case it was some wordpress oddity.


Zuzana said...

It must be nice to read a blog that describes places that you recognize. Maybe I should start reading Danish blogs.;)))

Anna said...

I changed some of my settings so keep trying. And, thank you for the nice comments. I fell in love with it the first time I visited here.

Tom said...

Anna - I think comments work on your blog now but I've had the evening from hell so haven't thought of anything of substance to say on your blog - will do soon!