Thursday, 7 May 2009

Anger management

I don't know what was going on today on our little part of the island but so far reports suggest road work made a lot of people really angry. There's only one road between Puna and Hilo and this afternoon everyone was stuck on it. Usually it's an accident that cuts off a huge part of the island but for those of us stuck in the traffic jam, well, we didn't care what caused it. It's a civil engineering problem that has been caused by, uhm, civil engineers.

So what welcome do I get when I finally managed to get home? A pissed off cat. Then again, once they'd been fed they were doing all they could to look cute again. They're not really into remembering a grudge.


Zuzana said...

They are cute and they know it.;)
How is it to have two cats? Perhaps I should get Batcat a girlfriend.;))
Have a nice Friday.;)

Beep said...

Wise cats. Much better to not remember grudges...and just be cute :)

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Full Moon"