Monday, 10 November 2008

Poppy day

A picture by Fir0002.

I don't think poppies are a symbol of Remembrance Day in the USA (called Veterans Day in the US), but they are in the UK, Europe and countries around the world.

Thank you for making my dreams and millions of others possible. Your sacrifices are still remembered today and I hope they will never be forgotten.


Hilary said...

This is a sweet, simple and touching post. Perfect.

I saw your comment on Protege's blog, and decided to click. I'm glad I did. :)

Tom said...

Hilary - thank you for those kind words. Rememberance day is important to me - my father fought in WWII and took part in the D-Day landings. When I was a young child he would dress up in full uniform on Rememberance Sunday and take me to see the veterans parade and the laying of reefs. It has remained a special day in my life.

I also did the wrong thing - I clicked on your link and started to read your blog and couldn't leave. What a wonderful read, and the most stunning photography. I am now addicted to it. Your Autumn pictures are out of this world - I am truly envious. Of course it goes without saying, but I'm in love with Benny now as well!

Hilary said...

Thanks, Tom. I'm glad you're enjoying my blog too.

I also did a wrong thing.. I've spent the last half hour trying to find an image of that mystery fruit of yours (from an October post). No luck. Did you ever figure it out? Has it grown and changed much since?

Tom said...

Hello Hilary - I'm still at a loss as to what that fruit is, no one here can figure it out either. I've posted an image of the tree itself in my latest blog entry but suspect it won't help. The fruit looks the same from the day it first appears on the tree until it finally falls off - they just get a little bigger.

I work near an agricultural college, so I think the next step is to visit them.

Thanks for looking by the way, that's very much appreciated!