Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Historic speech

A few years ago Prime Minister Tony Blair, officially my leader at the time, flew to the US and made a joint speech with President George Bush. Watching them talk about the fight against terrorism made me feel embarrassed for my adopted country - Blair was eloquent, sophisticated and gave the impression of superior statesmanship. Many of my friends in the UK would probably disagree with my assessment, but it was in comparison to Bush who seemed incapable of putting two words together appropriately or use any with more than two syllables.

Tonight I've seen something special which has again made me proud to be living in the US. Firstly, John McCain's concession speech was the epitome of graciousness and patriotism. If I would have had the opportunity to vote it would probably not have been for McCain, but I've always admired him and I saw again tonight why. I believe his campaign managers and his party were responsible for not allowing the real John McCain to appear in this election. He may not have won in any case, his opponent was strong, but I think the final result would have been closer.

Secondly, Barack Obama's acceptance speech will, I believe, go down in history. Even Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher's best efforts could not come close to what I heard and saw this evening. There is no doubt in my mind Obama is presidential material and that it is a wonderful thing for America and the world. Perhaps Winston Churchill would give him a hard time, but he was a very special case. I think now, once the law allows me to, I will be comfortable applying for American citizenship. It has been a few years since I last felt that way.

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