Sunday, 30 November 2008

Battle of the paper bag

Followup from a "Cat in a bag".

Miss grumpy:
That doesn't look at all comfortable and she has a good reason for such an evil look; the paper bag is no longer in her possession and someone else is a little smug about possessing it:

After some hissing and snarling and a little negotiating, the bag is recaptured:

They'll be friends again tomorrow.


Zuzana said...

Truly cute! Fantastically cosy and relaxing. You've simply got to love cats.:)

Diane said...

The one at the top is fantastic! It reminds me of the look my daughter has on her face after her cousin (who is same age as she) gets HER way. It's funny how cats are very much like women (even little women) and dogs are like men. It's probably why I live with a dog... of the 4-legged, not figurative, variety ;)

Andrew Cooper said...

Same thing around our house, whatever box or bag just showed up is the most valuable real estate. The cats usually switch off until bored with it, when we get a chance to quietly dispose of it into the recycle bin.

Just found your blog, nice to see the view of someone else who works on The Mountain. Stop by my blog at

Tom said...

Protege - the girls know how to look cute, you should see them when it's close to dinner time!

Diane - thanks for stopping by and it's so true what you say! Incidentally I'd like nothing more than to own a couple of dogs but my lifestyle prevents it.

I've seen your comments on Protege's blog and have read your blog several times, it's very entertaining reading! I really liked the stuff about London - it's not my home town but I grew up very close by. Still, I would always tell someone to visit Edinburgh first, the best city in the UK!

Andrew - likewise, it's good to see another blog from someone who works on Mauna Kea. What a great blog you have with some superb photography. I think I'll be asking for some tips!