Friday, 21 November 2008

It's a gecko party

What impressed me was how they all seemed to form a queue to get at the insects flying around the lamp - very civilised.

I don't know what all those white spots are - gecko droppings? They're not at all obvious until you use a flashlight. One or two of the geckos even seemed to include those spots in their camouflage.


Hilary said...

Oh very cool. Wonderful little critters, eh?

Zuzana said...

Oh Tom, is this in your house? I love geckos; they are coolest animals for sure! Wonderful. Plus they take care of all the insects and I hate insects, so they are my friends for sure. I agree with Hilary, this is truly very cool.;)))

Tom said...

This is actually on the lanai (deck) outside the house. The geckos congregate around the light as they know it attracts the flying bugs. They're great little friends as they help control the mosquitoes.

Lou Minatti said...

I have tons of geckos too. They are nocturnal and they freak out my daughter. Her lamp is by her window and when she's readying they are attracted to it. I tell her that lizards are great little creatures, they eat all kinds of nasty bugs. But she feels like she's being stared at.

Go reason with a 6-year-old.