Saturday, 25 October 2008

Wakey wakey

How to annoy cats. OK, one of them.

6:30am a couple of days ago. I think they were tired after a long night patrolling the yard, but they don't have a day job so I woke them up - well, one of them anyway. She wasn't in a good mood.


Lou Minatti said...

George Carlin had a funny one-liner about cats and litter boxes and how they don't like to be watched.

I wish I could remember the joke. :-)

Tom said...

So do I! I miss George Carlin, one of the funniest blokes ever, and so intelligent. Maybe one or two DVDs of his might be on order for Xmas.

I can't forget his stuff about the ten commandments, I think it's on youtube somewhere.

The last time I ended up with a bunch of TV stuff for Xmas was for Victor Borge. They were all videos though and are now all completely unplayable due to the mold that infects video tape in this climate. Oh well, more DVDs on order one day I think.