Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Financial crisis

I've had enough with all the depressing news about the world's banking system melt-down and seeing my own pension vanish down the drain. So I've hired my own team and they're currently in a head-to-head meeting.

They can't do anything worse, can they?


Keera Ann Fox said...

I certainly wouldn't worry about living in a world where cats made the decisions. ;-)

Your word verification coughed up this year, BTW: mmxucwxx. Did something special happen then?

Beep said...

Is that a "u" in there? (Yes I DO need to see the eye doc one of these days.) I've never seen a Roman numeral with a "u", but maybe it is something used in Norway? Or used anywhere besides Central California? ;) I'm not exactly the world traveler my youthful self had envisioned.

Tom said...

There's a U and a W in there, but it doesn't half look like a Roman year. I tried a few possible combinations but always got a year in the future, so unfortunately can't tell if something special will happen then!