Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The second presidential debate

I really wanted to avoid talking about politics in my blog but it seems that I'm compelled to post something every time there's a debate! So I won't mention any politics this time or give my opinion on the candidates, but instead mention how disappointed I am with the forum, again.

I'm watching the debate right now being replayed on local TV because, of course, there's quite a time-difference between here and the mainland so missed the actual live debate. This is the so-called town hall debate and my impression was that the audience would play more of a role. Oh well, this is a feeling I know well, but - Wrong Again. OK, some of the audience were given an opportunity to ask a question, but I feel dissatisfied. There were too many questions and not enough time to debate the answers.

Having such a debate is a great idea and giving the candidates about two minutes to introduce their position works well, but how about limiting the questions to a few of the most important ones and then allowing more time for actual debate? Perhaps even an opportunity for the audience member asking the original question to ask something or make their own point as a follow-up?

For anyone reading this blog with knowledge of this debating system, could you tell me what rules to expect in the final presidential debate? I hope Obama and McCain are allowed more time to argue their points, and I really mean argue, and that the audience can participate more. I just feel a bit let down right now.

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