Friday, 10 October 2008

Black holes

A few weeks ago the news was all about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the highest energy particle collider ever built, and whether the world would end or not in a mad-scientist's attempt to recreate the Big Bang and have us all sucked into a black hole. Or, as the scientists would say, we would learn some new physics.

The mad-bankers have since become jealous and are currently doing their best to end the world themselves. Blessed are the poor financial experts, they know not what they do.

The LHC is broken and never even got to the stage of colliding protons, but it will do next year. Hopefully. That's enough time to schedule the rest of us to put the sub-prime mortgage lenders in the beam, handcuffed and blindfolded, and let them see what the end of the world looks like. As an experimentalist, I would like to see what happens.


aquamonkey said...

I liked this Tom. It made me laugh. I empathised with your ideas and humour here. Although on your latter blogs, as a Brit, without detailed knowledge of American politics, you lost me a bit on the election campaigns. I prefer Obhama's personna. But, McCain has performed much better than I expected him to. Good or well managed?
This is the first time I have ever read a blog, let alone put a comment on one. As someone who has been writing "a book" for 15 years I have lots of pieces of writings that I have never quite pulled together (I'm sure I'm not alone). You have given me the idea to set up a blog site. I'm glad someone invented the wheel.

ps. I have replied to your emails. Hope you keep up the blogging. Interesting to read, as an old mate, or to anyone. Back to my itunes compilations; eclectic tunes of Amy McDonald, Melaine, Avril Lavine, folk, Van Morrison, pop, trance, rock and Dylan etc..!

Best wishes, Caroline

Tom said...

Caroline - great to hear from you and haven't forgotten I owe you an email - I've been off work with a flu-like bug the last few days and have become a little behind with email.

For anyone interested, Caroline was a close friend at college, we graduated together in 1990 but then lost touch. Just recently I received a very surprising but wonderful email from Caroline - 18 years since we last saw each other!