Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Stock photo

Bloody hell, I'm tired. This switching to remote observing mode has to be done to keep us in business but it puts a bit of strain on those of us left. This is another shot from my last scheduled full night at UKIRT but I'm thinking more and more that it really won't be the last - there are just too many issues to deal with. As we've done for 30 years though, we'll make sure UKIRT works and provides the best service of all the professional observatories out there.

Anyway, it's well after sunset and the twin Kecks are open with Haleakala on Maui in the background.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! I am used to seeing the sunset on the ocean, not on a blanket of clouds, so this shot is unusual for me.

boo said...

Hang in there! Transitions are often rough, but things will settle down eventually.

Tom said...

giga - there are plenty more shots on the blog with clouds like that. Not sure if you've seen it, but I have a slideshow of photos taken this year - Mauna Kea Summit, 2010.

boo - don't worry, I'm dealing with it! It's just quite tiring at the moment as we have a full support schedule but fewer support staff. The next few months will be really buy but I expect things to calm down in 2011.

Thanks for popping by!


Anonymous said...

Stunning slideshow! Mahalo.