Sunday, 8 August 2010

Quick sunset panorama

Sometime we're so busy at sunset there's little time to take good sunset photographs. You just pop outside, take a couple of hand-held shots and head back inside to deal with whatever's going on. I took this on one of those occasions and it wasn't helped by some high winds. I'd started our observatory calibration sequences and popped outside quickly to watch the sun set before returning to the control room to sort out some problems we were having.

I'm not sure about this picture, it's a couple of hand-held pictures stitched together, but I like the colours and the lens flare!


Anonymous said...

Aloha! Got here via RonW Hotel Waikiki's blog. Interesting photos.

I was a member of IfA (Institute for Astronomy) at UH-Manoa last year. Attended free lectures, but got disenchanged because the sound system was so poor.

I'd planned on touring the observatory on Mauna Kea, but chickened out when I realized I lacked the physical stamina for such a tour.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I like this! So much that makes it interesting: Silhouettes, the sun, the color and lens flare.

Tom said...

gigahawaii - thanks for popping by and sorry about your experience at the IfA (I don't work there!). Touring the summit isn't that taxing if you're only up there for an hour or two. Maybe you should reconsider?

Also, wasn't aware of Ron's blog. I'll have to have a look. Thanks for the heads-up!

Keera - I have another shot like this which I'll post soon - taken last night on my official final full-night at the mountain (I'm sure there will be more nights though!). Still recovering from mountain-lag right now though...