Sunday, 1 August 2010

Spreading confusion

I received two emails from Hawai`i Island Civil Defense this evening. The first said this:

"Highway 11 is closed in both directions at the 87 Mile Marker due to a traffic accident."

The second one, about 2 hours later, said everything was clear:

Highway 190 is now open in both directions"

As much as I appreciate the time and effort these people put into their work, it's a great example of life on the island. This is a small, isolated place with few highways - it's almost impossible to get lost as a driver. The key to island life though is not to expect competence. If you can live and cope with that then life on the island is much more enjoyable.

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punagreek said...

There were two different incidents. Hwy 11 was closed due to a nasty accident (drunk driver crossed the center line and killed a poor woman driving the opposite way). Hwy 190 was closed because of a brush fire.

The Civil Defense alerts are pretty hit and miss. If you are really interested you can go to and sign up for the HPD alerts. There are more of them (3-4 a day) but they are faster, more reliable and more detailed. But they include arrests etc. as well as road issues.