Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Eddie: an old and stoned companion

After five minutes of frenetic activity with the catnip-filled toys, Eddie takes a rest. She's been with me from almost the first day I moved to Hawai`i 14 years ago and is (usually) still as active as she was when a kitten and certainly as cheeky. She just doesn't take any nonsense these days, just like the rest of us as we get older I suppose!


Zuzana said...

Go Eddie.;)) Batcat sends his best, he behaves very much the same with his toys.;)) Even though he is a bit younger still.;)

Hilary said...

Awww gorgeous kitty. They're the absolute best companions when they get into crazy-mode.

Tom said...

Zuzana - Eddie is a bit weird in that she seems to know when her brain goes into overload. She'll run away then. It's rare to see her so relaxed after a catnip trip.

Hilary - Eddie is great to watch when she goes crazy but she forgets where she is for a few seconds and can scratch like hell! She doesn't mean to do it and I think she knows. See my comment to Zuzana. She usually runs away when it's all too much because she knows she can't handle it!