Thursday, 5 August 2010

Bubbles: the cute poser

Eddie got the limelight yesterday so it's Bubbles' turn with her James Bond stare. She's old as well, about 9-months younger than Eddie, and thinks Eddie is her mum (she isn't). Bubbles and Eddie have an odd relationship. Bubbles will follow Eddie everywhere and Eddie doesn't like that but puts up with it. When they sleep, Bubbles' first task is to cuddle up to Eddie and if Eddie is half awake she runs away, but if she's really tired after her normal routine of pacing around the house and yard all day, she allows Bubbles to cuddle up.

That usually lasts ten minutes until Bubbles wants to play with Eddie and then it's the "where did my mum go?" look. Quite often, though, I find them sleeping together when I wake up in the morning.

Bubbles is not the most energetic of cats, her favourite pastime is lying by my side (or Eddie's), looking cute and purring like a meat grinder with BP pumping cement into it. Still, without any doubt, she has learned how to attract attention. Unlike Eddie, she likes to pose for the camera.

What does Eddie think? Nothing really, just as long as Bubbles doesn't bother her and she can stretch out on top of her favourite cardboard box.

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