Saturday, 8 August 2009

Someone stole my spot

This evening I popped outside for the sunset as usual and found a TV crew had stolen my favourite sunset watching/photography spot. Just who do they think they are I ask you! How thoughtless!

Seriously, I have no idea who they were although the accents were British, so could possibly have been the BBC out filming a science documentary or similar - The Sky at Night? The person talking to the camera didn't look like Chris Lintott, one of the presenters of that show, but I might be wrong. From what little I overhead I think they were filming something about Mars.

In any case, I'm going to have to make myself a little sign and stick it in the ground there - Tom's Photo Spot, Stay Away!


Chris North (researcher on S@N) said...

It's definitely not The Sky at Night, but by the looks of it (and I'm primarily going on the hair...) the presenter could be Brian Cox - he often does some space/physics/science stuff for the BBC programme Horizon and the like. Only a guess though...

Tom said...

Chris - wow, that was quick! Thanks for ruling out The Sky at Night and for the suggestion about Brian Cox. I don't think it was him but I didn't get too close (out of politeness) and didn't get a particularly good shot either, so it's a possibility. I will ask around and thanks again! If I find out I'll post the answer here.


Tom said...

It turns out it was almost certainly Brian Cox. After a little research I found his twitter page and the thing that gave it away was:

"We're filming volcanoes in Hawaii and comparing them with the MUCH bigger but dead Olympus Mons on Mars"

and I think it's for a show called "Seven Wonders of the Solar System" by the BBC.

Chris - thanks very much for the tip off, I really appreciate it. Now I know who stole my spot!