Monday, 10 August 2009

Felicia's surf

I took a little time off today between observing runs at the summit and wandered down to the cliffs on Kaloli Point in Hawaiian Paradise Park. Tropical Storm Felicia is approaching the islands and there was a high surf warning for the windward (east) side of the Big Island and was curious to see how large the surf was. It certainly sounded loud overnight, I could even hear it over all the coqui frogs!

The warning had mentioned wave heights of possibly up to eighteen feet but it was obvious that this wasn't the case, at least not yet. It's likely that the surf will rise overnight but even so, the sight was quite impressive, and some wave sets were clearly well over 10 feet and one or two waves I'd estimate at around 15-feet, although it can be difficult to judge without a decent point of reference. Anyway, here are some of the snapshots I took.

Looking just south of Kaloli point. This is one of my favourite places on the island for taking photos of the ocean and whale watching, but didn't pop down there today.

The houses on the cliffs were certainly taking a battering. It's a lovely place to live with fantastic views, especially at dawn as they face the rising sun, but I'm not sure I could cope with all the maintenance involved living this close to the ocean. Owning a house just a few hundred yards further back from the cliffs is bad enough.

Fortunately it wasn't too windy so the surf, although impressive, wasn't being blown too far inland from the edge of the cliffs, so didn't have to clean my camera lense every couple of minutes as usual...

Looking north, the sky was much sunnier and the surf was still quite impressive, and seemed to be increasing in height. You can probably get some idea of the height of the waves relative to the guy standing on the cliffs, and the cliffs themselves are probably about 12 to 15-feet high on this part of the coastline.

Whoah! OK, it was time to step back a little, the waves were certainly getting larger. Unfortunately I probably won't have time to get to the cliffs tomorrow when the surf should be at its peak, but I'll try if I can.


Zuzana said...

Yes, whoah! What an impressive set of photographs; now that is what I call an ocean.;))
It must be incredible to be watching it, but I agree on the position of the houses.;)

Tiffany Edwards Hunt said...