Thursday, 20 January 2011

Wolf Moon

January's full moon is often called the "Wolf Moon" which apparently originates from wolves howling at the full moon around North American Indian villages in the middle of the winter. This picture was taken last night as the full moon was rising over Kaloli Point, Hawaii, while I was still trying to learn the new camera. I have to say, it blows my old camera out of the water...


Zuzana said...

Oh Tom, just look at that! I have gotten a better camera, but I still can not capture anything like you present here.;)
Long live the moon; wolf, blue, full, crescent or any other kind.;))
Have a lovely weekend,

Anonymous said...

Amazing what your camera can do. I don't think it is possible with my Canon PowerShot.

Tom said...

Of course I didn't post all the crap shots I took before I got it right!