Friday, 14 January 2011

That's life

While waiting for the new camera I practised a little with lightroom tonight and think I'm starting to understand it a little more, but you know as you get older learning new stuff always becomes harder. This is a picture I posted a few days ago but redid it in lightroom and think it's a little improved (it's from Carpinteria Beach, CA). The graduated density tool is screwing with my head though...

But the subject is nothing to do with the picture, it's to do with those things that always seem to happen to you - anyone familiar with the BBC comedy series "One Foot in the Grave"? It's about a very grumpy old man called Victor Meldrew and how everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Like Victor, I should have predicted it, but after splashing out on the new camera yesterday my car broke down today in a very expensive way. You can't plan for these things in any sensible way of course, it's just life.

Someone said at work today when I mentioned the breakdown "at least you can enjoy your new camera to cheer you up". The camera doesn't get here 'til tuesday.

Have a great and inexpensive weekend, everyone!

1 comment:

boo said...

Ummm - "at least you can anticipate the arrival of your new camera to cheer you up?"

Sorry to hear about the unexpected hit to the bank account. Those are never fun.